The 30th Playboy Jazz Fest
Press Conference at the Mansion
February 26, 2008
Hef Bill Cosby Hef & Cos Dee Dee Bridgewater with Cos


Dee Dee with Herbie Hancock Hef with Richard Rosenzweig (President, Playboy Jazz Festival) Hef with Rob Hilburger (Playboy West Coast Publicity Director) Cos with Darlene Chan (The Festival Network)


Poncho Sanchez Marcus Miller Ernie Andrews
Marcus Miller
Ndugu Chancler
Poncho Sanchez
Ernie Andrews
Marcus Miller
Dee Dee Bridgewater
Ndugu Chancler


Hef & Dee Dee Latin Beat's Yvett & Rudy Mangual Herbie Hancock
Marcus Miller
Richard Ginell
Patricia Albela
Scott Yanow


Mansion Residents