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in the States specializing in 
jazz, blues & world music.


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New Projects:

Shibuya Gumbo
The Boston Horns
BH Records

Beyond Good and Evil
Matt Haviland
Connotation Records CR1001

Night and Day
Patrick Arena

On Second Thought
The Adam Shulman Quartet
Kabocha B015

No Gravity
The Klobas Kesecker Ensemble

For Hep Cats
Linda Dachtyl
Chicken Coup CCP 7010

Standard Orbit Quartet
Ted Kooshian
Summmit 495

Previous Projects:

Thinking of Gene
Michael Berkowitz & The Gene Krupa Orchestra
Seabreeze 2143

The Lost Bill Holman Charts
The Carl Saunders Exploration
Mama 1032

Fine Whines
Brooke Sofferman
Summit DCD 489

Get Happy
Ezra Weiss
Roark Records

Con Alma
Mark Weinstein
Jazzheads JH1154

Outro Rio
Ricardo Silveira
Adventure Music 1033

The Sky Is Blue and Sometimes Cries
Lisa Markley
Soona Songs SS007

Hamilton de Holanda
Adventure Music 1038

Sings Moacir Santos
Muiza Adnet
Adventure Music 1032

Amanda Carr
Original Music OMS 0920

Notes To And From My Friends
Bobby Floyd
Chicken Coup 7008

Introducing the Fab Trio
Shook/Russo Trio
Summit DCD 482

You Will Be My Music
Annette Sanders/Bob Florence
Mama 1031

Mighty, Mighty
South Side Cindy & The Slip-Tones
Sour Wine Record

Dark Eye

First Flight
Pete McGuinness
Summit DCD 481

Floating on the Silence
Tom Wolfe/Gene Bertoncini
Summit DCD 479

Little Daddy's Blues
George Kontrafouris
Chicken Coup CCP 7005

On The Brink
Bob Montgomery/Al Hermann Quintet
Summit DCD 475

Stop 2 - Cape May
Chip Shelton Live
Chicken Coup CCP 7006

Every Road I Walked
Grace Kelly
Pazz 14-6

Love Song
Ted Howe
Summit 472

Eternal Licks & Grooves
Bob Florence
MAMA 1030

The Shadow Out Of Time

Blue Quest
Zvonimir Tot
Groove Art Records 102

A Thousand Eyes
Pete BarenBregge/Frank Russo
Summit 468

Get Gone!
Johnny & The MoTones
Altenburgh 70061

Speaking Of Love...
Scott Whitfield
Summit 470

Change From A Penny
Southside Cindy & The Slip-Tones
Southside Records

Stan Kenton Christmas Carols
Boston Brass
Summit 464

New Words
Mike Marshall/Hamilton De Holanda
Adventure Music 1029

Why Try To Change Me Now?
Brian Trainor
Summit Records 465

self titled
Shook-Russo Quartet
Summit Records 458

21st Century Groove
Chad Rager Groove
Strokeland Records

Other Tongues
Paul Carlon
DeepTone Records

From The Heart
Mario Adnet
Adventure Music 1027

Renewed Impressions
Vittor Santos
Adventure Music 1031

Estrada De Terra
Philippe Baden Powell
Adventure Music 1028

(um sopro de brazil)
Winds Of Brazil
Adventure Music 1030

Hamilton de Holanda Quintet
Adventure Music 1026

On The Way
Daniel Santiago
Adventure Music 1025

Live at Charlie O's
Scott Whitfield
Summit 460

John Mackay
Chicken Coup 7004

Stan Kenton Christmas Carols
Boston Brass
Summit 464

Dream Story
Elias Haslanger
Cherrywood EH 001

Brian Swartz Trio
Summit 455

Osage County
Scott Neumann
Chicken Coup 7002

Blue Bop
Chicken Coup 7003

Chip Shelton
Summit 444

Natural Instinct
Laszlo Gardony
Sunnyside SSC4003

O Nosso Amor
Mark Weinstein
Jazzheads 1151

Ed Spargo
Ed Spargo

In Pursuit of the Sound
Eric Swinderman

Roda Carioca
Jovino Santos Neto
Adventure Music 1023

Sete Caperas (Seven Chapels)
Marcos Amorim
Adventure Music 1024

New Blood
Sai Ghose
Summit Records 447

Matthias Lupri
Summit Records 445

Kindred Spirits
Gary Urwin
Summit Records 448

Siempre Salsa
Rick Davies
Emlyn Music 1001

Reasons to be Thankful
Art Lillard
Summit Records 440

Endangered Species
David Schumacher
Summit Records 438

Gary Brunotte

Two Hits for the Kitty
Johnny & the Motones
Altenburgh Records 70053

Gerald Beckett
Summit Records 439 

In The Moment
Phillip Strange/Larry Marshall
Summit Records 434

Doug Ellington

The Ruby and the Pearl
Shahida Nurullah
Alembic 607

Choros & Alegria
Moacir Santos
Adventure Music 1022

Elton Exposed
Ted Howe
Summit Records 435

Shimmering Rhythm
Ron Davis Trio
Davinor Records 3455

Christmas Kaleidoscope
Lev Polyakin
Mira 4021

Antonio Arnedo
Adventure Music 1019

Adventure Music 1020

Viva Jazz!
Sonido Isleno
Tresero TP1105

Stockton Helbing
NohJoh Music 7207

San Francisco ChamberJazz Quartet
Music Wizard 89140

Live at Yoshi's
Steve Heckman
World City Music 2050

In "House" Sessions
Jaspects Records

Evita Cobo

Live at the Jazz Bakery
Brian Swartz
Summit Records 421

Bob Florence
Summit Records 430

Brazil Duets
Mike Marshall
Adventure Music 1021

New Old Music
Modern Traditions Ensemble
Adventure Music 1018

Algo Mas
Mark Weinstein
JazzHeads 1148

All Things Are New
Beaux J Poo Boo
Summit Records 427

One Never Knows
Bridge City 2104

Symphonic Jobim

Adventure Music 1016

Ted Howe
Summit Records 420

Gabrielle's Hand
Bob Boguslaw
Summit Records 419

At The Bouquet Chorale
Marty Nau
Summit Records 410

Magical Spaces
Jeff Siegel
CAP 989

Tender Trap
Amanda Carr
Original Music 1111

Brooklyn Prayer
Dan Nadel
Nadel Music

Next Stop
Mike Vax
Summit Records 418

Remembering Mr. Cole
Joe Bourne
Jonaja 1045

...As In A Morning Sunrise
Devere Pride
Ramalik Music

The Minute Game
Scott Whitfield
Summit 408

Michael Hackett
Summit 409

The Essence of...
Roderick Harper

Out Of A Dream
Harry Watters
Summit 411

A Welcoming Beauty
Martin Eagle
Hawks Music

Hot Sophisticated Jazz Now
Rosanne Drago

At Home With
Cybill Shepherd
River Siren

This Is How I Feel About Quincy
Phil Woods
JazzedMedia 004

Sai Ghose Trio
Summit 399

Claudia Villela with Kenny Werner
Adventure 1008

Children Of The Wind
Weber Iago
Adventure 1015

Transition Sonic
Matthias Lupri

Summit 398

Nature's Princess
Maria Marquez

Adventure Music 1013

Ricardo Silveira/Luis Avellar

Aventure Music 1014

The Motive Series
Mark Sherman

CAP 980

cd_ouro_negro.jpg (10085 bytes)

Ouro Negro
Moacir Santos
Adventure Music

cd_choro.jpg (27206 bytes)

Self Titled
Mike Marshall & Choro Famoso
Adventure Music 1009

cd_orquestra.jpg (25989 bytes)

Self Titled
Orquestra Popular de Camara
Adventure Music 1012

The Giants Play The Music Of Palladium
Latin Giants of Jazz
Gigante 001

Nice Work If You Can Get It
Tom Grant
nuWrinkle 55504

Blue Tres
Sonido Isleno
Tresero TP1104

Live at the Kasbah
James Van Buren
Van Buren 2004

Traveling West
Gerald Beckett
Summit 387

Vaughn Nark
Summit 391

One Stone, Two Birds
The Sofferman Perspective
Summit 377

Chain of Events
George Genna
Summit 383

Live At Birdland
Scott Whitfield Jazz Orchestra
Summit 390

Suite Talk
Heather Bennett
Apria 050621

American Song
Andy Bey
Savoy 17330

Learning Curve
Fred Randolph
Creative Spirits 001

Blues For Dexter
Jason Bodlovich
Moonrise 1

Sudden Impact
Frank Darmiento
Summit 378

Greg Hopkins
Summit 376

L.A. After Dark
Diane Witherspoon
Summit 381

Cris on the Farm
Marcos Amorim
Adventure Music 1005

Nelson Angelo
Adventure Music 1004

Chano Dominguez
Sunnyside 1124

Entre Chien et Loup
Daniel Mille
Sunnyside 3018

Front Page
LeGrene / Chambers
Sunnyside 3019

Summer Times
Frank Amsallem
Sunnyside 1121

Simple Stories
Deidre Rodman
Sunnyside 1079

Southern Exposure
Tom Lellis
Adventure Music 1006

Flute Bass-ics
Chip Shelton
Summit 371

Ancestral Spirits 
Bob Miles
Sheets of Sound 5522

Diego Urcola
Sunnyside 1123

Dave Liebman
Sunnyside 1122

Noite Clara
Ricardo Silveira
Adventure Music 1003

Whatever Bubbles Up
Bob Florence
Summit 360

Tudo de Bom
Mark Weinstein
Sheets of Sound 1079

Full Circle
Bob Niederriter
Hoop Snake 7701

Mike Marshall/Jovino Santos Neto
Adventure Music 1001

Claudia Villela/Ricardo Peixoto
Adventure Music 1002

With John in Mind
Steve Heckman
World City

Astor Piazzolla
Circular Moves 7013

The Crossing Point
Gini Wilson
Music Wizards 

O Universo Musical de
Baden Powell
Sunnyside 3016

Sunnyside 1115

Adios Nonino
Astor Piazzolla
Circular Moves 7012

Trouble in Paradise
Chris Washburne
Jazzheads 1142

Point of Grace
Summit 358

Jazz Orch. of the Delta
Reflections of Cole Porter
Summit 362

Here's To Life
Obie Jessie
Jazz Family 101

North and South
Luciana Souza
Sunnyside SSC 1112

Ever Before, Ever After
Laszlo Gardony
Sunnyside SSC 1107

Louis Winsberg
Sunnyside SSC 3013

Spirit!  The Power of Music
Randy Weston
Sunnyside SSC 3015

Tino Derado
Sunnyside SSC 1111

Jean Jacques Milteau
Sunnyside SSC 1112

Under The Hat
Ada Rovatti
Sunnyside SSC 4501

Vince Benedetti meets Diana Krall
TCB 22182

Maye Cavallaro
Redhead 003

34th N Lex
Randy Brecker
ESC 4909

Love Walked In
Steve Kuhn
Sunnyside 1109

Dennis Chambers
ESC 03682

Homage to Art
Ray Barretto
Sunnyside 1105

The Gait Keeper
Rufus Reid
Sunnyside 1106

Mark Levine

Live on the Road
Mike Vax
Summit 356

Lines & Grooves
Joshua Bayer
Jazzheads 1140

Herbie Nichols, Vol. 1
Eric T. Johnson
Summit 351

Tangled Roots
Brian Trainor
Summit 348

22 Great Harmonica Performances
SSC 3007

Roswell Rudd
Sunnyside 3008

Big Fun
Bill Evans
ESC 03681

Youth Oriented
Happy Apple
SSC 3006

Same Time Twice
Matthias Lupri
Summit 337

Weaver of Dreams
Kris Adams

Mystic Heights
Armen Donelian
Sunnyside 1089

Canta Brasil
Kenny Barron
Sunnyside 3005

That's Right
Victor Bailey
ESC 9403

Wait For Me
Alicia Renee
Summit 049

Jazz is a Spirit
Terri Lyne Carrington
ACT 9408

Hecho a Mano
Chano Dominguez
Sunnyside 1104

Beat Degeneration
Kenny Werner
Sunnyside 1103

Michael Leonheart
Sunnyside 1102

Los Guachos III
Guillermo Klein
Sunnyside 1099

Faces & Places
Joe Zawinul
ESC 03679

Pump It Up
Les McCann
ESC 03678

La Diosa del Mar
Mayra Caridad Valdés
Jazzheads JH1141

Gone With The Wind
Christina Machado
Summit 1017

C The Blues
Dave Bernstein
Wolfetones 110

Black Eyes
Gerald Beckett
Wolfetones 111

Days of Wine and Roses
Michel Petrucciani
Sunnyside 3001

Love Is For The Birds
Meredith d'Ambrosio
Sunnyside 1101

Live at Bradley's
Kenny Barron Trio
Sunnyside 3002

Fingers And Toes
Sai Ghose
Summit 328

Brazilian Duos
Luciana Souza
Sunnyside 1100

The Green Between
Brooke Sofferman
Summit DCD 323

Sweet Baby J'ai
Sunset Music 6543

Please Take Me To Brazil
Ben Sher
BGI 103

Chuchito Valdés Jr.
Town Crier 524

You Don't Know What Love Is
Tony Lujan
Bella 368

Four Nights at the Slammer
Noel Freidline
Free Lion 6911

The Blues Runs Through It
Shelley Neill
Cobalt Blue 142

Ray Barretto
Circular Moves 7008

Goza Conmigo
Orquesta la Moderna Tradicion

Shared Secrets
George Cables
Muse FX 1001

With All That I Am
Carol Duboc
Gold Note 2021

Mark Levine
Left Coast Clave 

Burnin' Grooves
Tony Monaco
Summit 304

Bein' Green
Donna Leonhart
Sunnyside 1097

Rite of Passage
Sunny Sumter
J. Jordan 1514 

The Other Side
Chris Washburne
Jazzheads 1139

Dean Brown
ESC 4903

Hangin' in the City
Randy Brecker
ESC 03674

Soul Inside
Bill Evans
ESC 03668

Live on QE2
Clark Terry
Chiaroscuro 365

Jack Wilkins
Chiaroscuro 371

The Judge at his Best
Milt Hinton
Chiaroscuro 219

Phil Woods
Chiaroscuro 368

The Clarinetist, Vol. 1
Paquito D'Rivera
Peregrina 50221

Eric Reed
Nagel Heyer 2010

Nagel Heyer 2011

Southern Exposure
Ken Watters
Summit 289

Buenas Noticias
Julio Padrón
Sunnyside 1094

Greg Hopkins
Summit 293

Just Before Spring
Allen Hoist
Arco Iris 829

Pas An Dour
Celtic Tales
Naive 226107

West Coast Alternative
Dan Buegeleisen
Corridor 3342

Greg Piccolo
Emit Doog EDM0007

Behind Open Doors
Laszlo Gardony
Sunnyside 1086

The Book of Norman
abby&norm group
AtoZ Music AZCD1

Flamenco Jazz Latino
Mark Towns
Salongo 2290

Hey, It's Me
Mark Levine
Left Coast Clave 003

Poet in New York
Georgie Fame
Go Jazz 6044

Steal The Moon
Carolyn Leonhart
Sunnyside 1086

Late Night New York
Tom Brigandi
Bass On Top 199

Ritmo Jazz Latino
Bobby Ramirez
Ritmo 87400

Quantum Leaps
Art Maxwell
Tonal Gravity 1005

Three in One
Wayne Wallace
Spirit Nectar 003

The Slow Lane
Anton Schwartz
Anton Jazz  1002

Mambo Birdland
Tito Puente
Tropijazz 40472

Holy Mischief
Eddie Marshall
Ruddy Duck 1000

My Favorite
Nettai Tropical Jazz Big Band
Tropijazz 40862

Best Friends
Humberto Ramirez & Giovanni Hidalgo

AJ 10222
Puerto Rico Jazz Jam
Humberto Ramirez

AJ 11172
Out Of Nowhere
Bobbe Norris

Four Directions 2004
Christmas at Buzz's Restaurant
John Altenburgh

Altenburgh 70026
You May Never Know
Diane Witherspoon

Koch 7879
Heart of a Legend
Chico O'Farrill

Milestone 9299
From Here to the Moon
Mad & Eddie Duran

Milestone 9296
Jazz For Lovers
Various Artists

Prestige 5001
Joh Yamata

Milestone 9295
Le Grand Freddy
Freddy Cole

Fantasy 9683
Ron Affif

Pablo 965
In A New York Minute
Ian Shaw & Cedar Walton

Milestone 9297
Ted Sirota

Naim 036
Nettai Tropical Jazz BB

Tropijazz 84037
Eddie Palmieri

Tropijazz 82252
Man With a Horn
Eric Alexander

Milestone 9293
Duke's Place
George Mraz

Milestone 9292
Play Steve Allen
Terry Gibbs & Buddy DeFranco

Contemporary 14089
Cha Cha Lounge
Proteus 7

Dorian 90266
Virtues of the Well
Robert Tye

Corridor 31007
Irvin Mayfield
Irvin Mayfield

Basin Street 401
Swing This!
Kermit Ruffins

Basin Street 102
With a Song in My Heart
Lew Soloff

Milestone 9290
Manny Oquendo & Libre

Milestone 9288
Crunch Time
Hank Crawford/Jimmy McGriff

Milestone 9287
You Don't Know What Love Is
Chris Anderson & Sabina Sciubba

Naim 030
Weaver Of Dreams
Ben Riley

Joken 105
Secret Places
Sumi Tonooka

Joken 103

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